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Drive more orders into your kitchen using our awesome
delivery-only brands.

Boost your profitability by adding a turnkey virtual restaurant.


Drive More Orders Into Your Kitchen

Using Our Delivery-Only Brands.

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We create awesome brands.
Choose the brands you want.
Your kitchen cooks the food.
You make more money.
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What is VRG? 

Your restaurant's new superpower. 

VRG is the industries most advanced virtual restaurant solution designed to supercharge your kitchen's profitability. 


Choose the concepts you like. 

Select one or more of our data-driven, fully branded concepts developed by our team of experienced industry leaders. 

How it Works

Simple setup.

You cook. We handle the rest.

Onboarding is super easy.  VRG sets you up with all online ordering platforms, order aggregation technology, step-by-step training, recipe guides, and demonstrations for your staff.


Just let the orders roll in.

In no time you'll be seeing orders trickling in for your new concepts giving you another great stream of revenue. 

Unleash your earning capability

Our concepts are super simple, low risk, and in fact totally free to start. We've taken care of branding, marketing, recipe creation, and food costing. You just do what you do best, cook, and watch your business grow.

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Expand your reach on delivery apps

For example, when a customer searches for "burgers," not only is your current restaurant listed, but your new VRG concepts appear in more of those search results, increasing your chances of landing the sale to your kitchen. 

5x concepts = 5x revenue

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Test new markets

Are you an existing restaurant or food brand wanting to test new markets nationally? VRG works to team you up with our network of quality restaurant partners to increase brand exposure and generate more revenue for you at the same time.  


Relevant and modern brands, designed for immediate success. 

Exploding Industry

The delivery industry is projected to grow to a $1 trillion valuation by 2030.


Manage all online orders easily through one central dashboard.

Expanded Reach

We've partnered with all of the major online ordering companies giving  you the largest possible customer reach.


We maintain all social media platforms, websites, and incur promotional expenses to help grow your new concepts!

COVID Relief

 VRG is here for you every step of the way. Take control of your business during these uncertain times.

Black Flat & Minimalist Accounting Busin

Check out our Partnership Guide to Learn More.

Partnership Guide

Why adding our virtual brands

will benefit you. 

Low risk. Leverage your existing resources.

Use your existing kitchen space/staff to expand your virtual reach by cooking up some of our proven, delivery-only concepts.

Turn-key virtual restaurants ready-to-go.

We know you don't always have the time and energy, so we've set up everything for you to just cook and watch your business grow.

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Extra income opportunity

Earn thousands in additional revenue each month. 

Easily get started within only 30 days!

Join the Group Today!

Let's see if you qualify!
Please fill in your contact details and we'll be in touch as soon as possible. 

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